Metallic Paints

Metallic paints inspiration

Metallic paint is becoming increasingly popular if you want to mix contemporary and heritage to your home. Here’s some inspiration.

If you’re thinking of refreshing your home, you may not be entirely convinced shine and sparkle paint is the way to go. However, if used in the correct way, metallic paint can add interesting detail to a home. 

Crown Paint have put together their top picks that will bring a blend of shimmer and interest to your home. The full range of Crown Paint is available at BJ Mullen.

Granite Top 

Grey shades are ever popular but if you are looking for a  grey  with a twist, Granite Top Metallic emulsion provides an alternative to a standard matt finish. Perfectly on-trend, the Granite Top paint is designed shimmer in the light for a stunning feature wall, stencil or detail.  

Rose Gold

If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, our Rose Gold is the perfect addition for feature walls, stripes and stencils. 

Rose Gold paint shimmers with a metallic finish that will brighten your space, providing an interesting focal point to any room. 


If you’re feeling adventurous, Copper metallic paint provides a stunning backdrop to a room. The paint creates a lustrous look of metallic shine to your walls and combined with a matt emulsion, makes an interesting contrast.   Copper Metallic paint is the perfect way to bring a glowing feeling of warmth to the room, a sure fire way to impress your guests, and still provide a soothing place relax.  


To introduce just a touch of our metallic paint, use Striking to create a metallic stripe. 

Horizontal stripes can be edgy and work really well in a hallway to help elongate  the space without sacrificing style. 

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Grey Paint

Grey Paint

How to ensure your grey painted walls are never boring

Grey is one of our favourite neutrals and it has increased in popularity over the past few years. While grey is great for creating a relaxing, put-together look indoors, it also has the potential to look dull if it’s not done right. The following article includes some tips on how to ensure your grey walls are never boring.


Pair grey walls with a crisp white trim: Grey and white look sharp when used alongside each other, and pairing a grey base with bright white trim will make each shade really stand out in the best way possible. This will enliven your grey walls and make them pop!

Add framed artwork to your walls: Framed artwork is one of the easiest way to make a space look polished and complete, and it is especially important when you have neutral walls. Look for lively pieces that will add pops of colour and movement to your walls. Frame these in classic black, sharp white, or rich colours for a more playful take.


Have some fun with colour: Grey is a neutral, and as such, it provides the perfect canvas to add a pop of colour. Most colours go well with grey, and this season we are loving jewel tones, so try adding hot pink, violet, emerald, yellow and/or sapphire blue accessories to your grey room. These colours look lovely when combined in textile patterns (pillows, blankets, etc) or when used in a statement piece such as a pink sofa, a green ottoman, a blue side table, etc.

Choose statement lighting: Whether you like hanging chandeliers, sconces, or prefer classic table/floor lamps, make an impact with your lighting. Intricate chandeliers will spruce up grey walls and choosing interesting sconces is a sure-fire way to successfully illuminate your room. If choosing classic table lamps, opt for statement pieces.


Pair with a patterned rug: When your walls are neutral, you can afford to have a little more fun with your floors. Opt for a bold, attention-grabbing rug in a fun pattern. We especially love geometric, floral, chevron or striped patterns.

Grey is a fabulous choice when it comes to your interiors, and following the above tips will ensure your grey walls are a success! If you’re thinking of going grey, we offer an extensive selection of options. For expert assistance and everything you need to get you started on your paint journey, call into BJ Mullen – your local Crown Paint Stockist.

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Feature Wall

How to achieve a beautiful feature wall.

When it comes to a feature wall – it should be a stand out wall that’s nice and colourful.

When it comes to decorating, feature walls are one of the oldest tricks in the book; they enable you to accentuate architectural features such as alcoves or chimney breasts. Often when people think about decorating, there is the assumption that an all-over paint job is required to activate change. However, a feature wall is the easiest way to introduce colour into your scheme without the need paint every wall.

When picking your feature wall, the best place to start is by assessing which side of the room is least cluttered by furniture. Chimney breasts are the obvious choice if you have them as they are naturally the room’s focal point, however if this is not an option, pick the wall with the least distractions. This ensures you won’t be competing with furniture lines or patterns on furnishings.

Depending on how bold you wish to be, pick a contrasting shade to the other three walls. Feature walls often work well in richer colours, so do not afraid to make a statement. More traditional feature walls will use one tone to a single wall. However, to give the room a more contemporary and unique feel, why not try using more than one shade, extending the colour beyond the borders and around the corner? Colours you wouldn’t normally put together often make for the most interesting schemes. Therefore, opting for more unconventional pairings will transform your space as the combinations push and pull against one another.

As an alternative to block colours or graphical shapes, pattern is also an easy way to instantly add playfulness and personality into your home. Depending on the size of your feature wall and your level of skill, why not opt for an impressionist affect through wide brush strokes? It doesn’t need to be an exact science and the end result will be something entirely unique. Alternatively, there is such a rich variety of stencils available now, so you can create something bespoke without the need for any artistic sensibility.

The joy of a feature wall is that you can layer; simply add more colour to a scheme if it feels empty or paint over combinations that don’t work.

The full range of Crown Paints, DIY tools and accessories are available from BJ Mullen.



new colour trends

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Crown Paint Colour

Choose Crown Paint colour for your home

Choosing paint colours for your home can be tricky and a lengthy process, but by taking some tips from this article you could be a few steps closer to picking your favourite colours from Crown Paint.

The Crown Paint room painter app is great for helping you visualise what the colours would look like in your home.

Simply download the app from the App Store, Google play or amazon apps and take a picture or pictures of your room and upload them. Once you have uploaded them you can choose from our incredible range of colours and start painting the walls with your favourite Crown Paint colours. The app lets you paint walls & ceilings easily my simply dropping your chosen colour over the picture. You can keep a note of your favourite colours by adding them to your ‘wish list’ within the app.

Once you have seen what colours work the best in your home and you’ve chosen all your personal favourites, call into BJ Mullen.  We have the full range of Crown Paint together with primers, fillers, brushes and other painting accessories.  Our team of expert staff can advise you on the best type and amount of paint for your job.

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How to Incorporate Colour

How to incorporate colour

Are you looking to get out of your neutral colour comfort zone?  Want to add some interest and focal points without having to decide on a whole feature wall? Or even if you just want to tie your colour scheme together with some highlights and accents, sometimes the best ways to incorporate colour into your space are the least obvious ones.

Don’t be put off using colour in your home if you’re not attracted to the traditional feature wall layout, there are plenty of ways to introduce a brighter scheme, add accents and highlight features of your space.

Try painting your woodwork in a contrasting or bright shade to stand out against plain walls. You could even take this one step further and paint your window frame a different colour to your skirting boards.  This can have an amazing effect on a room when paired with complementary blinds as you can see the whole surround.

For a more modern look for painted wood work try using a lighter or darker shade from the same tonal palette as your wall, like this bedroom in Mustard Jar with woodwork finished in Soft Shadow, Non Drip Satin.




And finally if your looking to make a bigger impact an alternative take on the feature wall is to divide your space using colour, for example painting the bottom half of the wall in a different colour to the top, such as this kitchen done in Soft Shadow (top) and Chartreuse Mix (bottom).



For expert advice and a full range of paint and accessories, please call into BJ Mullen.

Sweet Sherbet Crown Paint


Perfect Pastels

Pastels are a very versatile décor option. Choosing a pastel theme when re-designing or re-decorating a room offers multiple colour scheme, furnishing and dressing options.

Because of its versatility a pastel décor theme can be achieved in a number of different ways depending on your taste; pastels work well in both vintage and modern inspired environments, can be easily incorporated into ultra-feminine spaces or included to add some softness and interest to bold more masculine rooms.




This hallway uses a pastel base to give the room a feel of classic femininity without being over powering. Honey Fever, the apricot colour of the walls offers the perfect staging for the floral decorative elements and the use of the more neutral High Line supports the main colour whilst preventing it from being over powering.




This hallway on the other hand is an example of using a pastel palette in a cooler space to offer a more modern feel. The warm tones of the cream Water Chestnut work well to support the cooler green Botanical Extract making the space welcoming and homely without losing its fresh feel.   For the full Crown Paint Range call into BJ Mullen for advice, paint and accessories.

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Calm Kitchens

Creating Calm Kitchens


The kitchen is often the heart of the home, there is always lots going and it becomes the central gathering place at parties and celebrations, especially if there is food involved!Bold colours or sterile whites are common choices for kitchen décor to either offset or match appliances. However, a more neutral colour palette can also work really well, especially in Kitchens which are high traffic areas where using neutral colours can help create a calm area, and a great space for people to de-compress on their way in or out of the house. 


This kitchen uses Soft Steel for the walls and Rum & Raisin for the cupboards both in Kitchen & Bathroom matt emulsion.  The combination uses softer tones and a neutral colour palette to offer the perfect stage for other statement decorative elements, without losing any warmth from the room. The illusion of the metallic tiles, painted in Sophistication and Millionaire from the metallic range also help to add interest to the space without undermining the neutral tone.




This kitchen is an example of how a neutral colour palette can work to compliment a more traditional room. The wood features offer a homely feel and help to tie the room together, whereas the more neutral wall colours painted in Spotlight matt emulsion, keep the room feeling fresh and both work together to create a calming atmosphere.

For the full range of Crown Paints, call into BJ Mullen.  We will be happy to help with any advice, paint, tools and equipment you need to create a calm kitchen!

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Summer Colour

Summer’s here and along with the temperature, it seems that we are ‘rising’ to the DIY challenge, according to a recent survey conducted by Crown Paints.

When it comes to reaching for the toolbox, we are a nation of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, with a whopping 56% of respondents telling us that they know best when it comes to DIY, with 27% relying on professionals and another 13% calling on family members for help.

Whatever the method employed, it found that a resounding 92% of you feel inspired to redecorate during the summer months with bright summer colour.

So what is it, that’s so inspiring about this time of year?  Well … it’s no surprise that the weather plays a huge part, with bright blue skies, sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass sowing the seeds for a home refresh.

For colour selection, we found that travel is the number one source of inspiration with two fifths of those surveyed saying they feel inspired by places they’ve been and want to reflect those memories and feelings in their home.

Fresh whites and creams topped the colour poll, while your top colours for summer are blues, yellows and greens.

So take a tip from us and bring the summer into your home with an uplifting colour scheme you can feel inspired by all year round.

Happy decorating from Crown Paints & BJ Mullen.  For the full range of Crown Paints as well as varnishes, fillers, and decorating accessories, call in to speak to one of our team.



Spring Inspiration From Crown Paint

On a planet buzzing with technology and everyone connected to the world and their Auntie “twenty four seven”, Crown Paint suggest we all need a little down time. So disconnect, relax and unwind in a chilled out bedroom, freshly decorated in this season’s most fashionable colours.

Suggestive of much more simple times, soft, playful pastels and nature inspired neutrals are at the core of our spring palette. Using clever combinations you can create a unique, yet totally tranquil escape from the hustle bustle around you.

A natural cocoon:

Inspired by warm, tactile stone and natural minerals, this serene and relaxing space is easily achievable with some colour know-how. Use an inky colour like Night Fever in an alcove to accentuate favourite art or ornaments. Pair it with a warm tone grey like Cloud Burst and complement with textured accessories. Now just wait for nightfall and curl up with a good book in your own natural cocoon.




For a sophisticated take on traditional pastels, that simply breathes air into a room, try combining textures and strong angular shapes. Breaking up wall space adds a whole new dimension and suggests expanse, while making us think in different ways, which is relaxing in itself. Here we’ve used Grey Lace as a back drop with accent shapes in Honey Fever, Winterbloom and Lunch Date.





Pared back:

Uncluttered and airy, classic Powder Blue coupled with Cream White adds, both, a sense of space and serenity to this bedroom. Keeping accessories and furnishings to a minimum makes the room less busy and more relaxing. A perfect room to unwind in, any time of the day.



So there’s no excuse. Kick off your shoes, switch off your phone and let the world get on with its business while you chill out.  Check out our range of paints in-store at BJ Mullen.