Heta Stoves combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship.  BJ Mullen have a range of designs on display in our showroom which would suit any style of home and heating requirement.

Modern technology, specially selected high-quality materials, robust construction, leading-edge tooling and a modern and yet timeless aesthetic design are the key values in Heta’s superior range of modern wood-burning stoves.  Back to Stoves.

Heta Inspire Stoves

Heta Inspire Series

Heta’s Inspire Series is a range of rugged multi fuel stoves made from the best quality 5mm and 8mm steel, with a solid cast iron door, fire base and shaker grate.  Inspire stoves produce 2-6.5 kW of heat making them ideal for a wide range of applications from country cottages and townhouses to larger modern homes.

Heta Scanline Stoves

Heta Scan-Line 800 Series

The Scan-Line 800 series are elliptical stoves made in a stylish, modern design.  Most of the visible surfaces are made in cast iron and come in a range of finishes.  The stoves yield an heat output of between 2-8 kW and are eco-friendly, elegant and practical.

Heta Kosi

Heta Kosi 6304

The Heta Kosi 6304 is a traditionally styled multifuel cast iron stove with a nominal heat output of 4.9kW. The stove is designed to burn wood and smokeless fuel on its built-in riddling grate. A vermiculite lined fire chamber ensures an efficiency of 79% when burning wood.  Available with 100mm or 250mm leg lengths and with full enamel colour options. With its portrait design the Kosi is the ideal stove for installation into a modern or a traditional fireplace setting.

Scanline 7c Wallhanging

The Scan-line 7 Series

The Scan-Line 7 Series is a combination of customary Heta quality with features such as the perfect glass cleaning system and the patented ash pan system with a large cast iron door.  It is available as a free standing stove or a wall hung stove and comes in a variety of finishes and colours guaranteed to complement any decor.

Heta Oura

The Oura Series

The Oura Series is a smart, well designed range of wood burning stoves.  They can be tailored to your requirements with a choice of steel, soapstone, granite and coloured ceramic side panels.  The steel stove also comes with the option of side windows.


The Scan-Line Turin & Napoli

The Scan-Line Turin & Napoli Stoves are Heta Classics with generous soapstone and ceramic cladding and the best combustion and ease of use on offer. They are available in Heta’s entire ceramic range, and colours can be mixed on the stoves in any combination desired. The ellipse-shaped tiles give the stoves an attractive ap­pearance and the soapstone varieties are very heavy and solid, providing extensive heat storage.

Scan-Line 100

The Scan-Line 95/100

The Scan-Line 95/100 perfectly combines ultra-modern design with a panoramic view of the flames behind the wide glass front. Placed on a column, the large combustion chamber seems almost to float on air. The Scan-Line 95/100 can be supplied with an integrated swivel plinth so that you can spread the heat and mesmerising fire exactly where you want it.  Using ground-breaking combustion technology, the stoves provide amazingly clean and vibrant combustion, no matter what kind of fuel you burn.

Heta Inset stoves @ BJ Mullen

Heta Panorama Inset Stove

Heta Panorama Inset stoves are elegant and modern insets, providing an extraordinarily fine view of the fire. The glass front is extremely stylish. Onlookers get a distinct impression that they are looking at a work of art.  Panorama inset stoves are simple to use. The beautiful and discrete integrated handle is convincing evidence of Panorama’s quality and convenience. Both Panorama inset models are available with specially-designed front panels, allowing the customer to give their inset a personal touch.