A mirror isn’t just a mirror at BJ Mullen.  The latest technology combined with modern design make bathroom mirrors a practical and stylish focal point.  Our bathroom showroom displays a range of bathroom mirrors with LED lighting, sensor switches, Demista technology and/or ambient lighting to enhance your bathroom.

A carefully chosen bathroom mirror can really enhance the look and feel of the room.  It’s not just a simple size and shape question these days with the huge range of technologies available.

Obviously, the first consideration is the space available to you.  Measure carefully and look at mirrors which are the correct size and shape. You may opt for a mirrored cabinet which will allow storage as well. It’s also important to check electrics at this point as this determines whether your bathroom mirror can be lit/heated etc.

The general style of your bathroom is a consideration when choosing your bathroom mirror.  If you have a more traditional room then a larger mirror would generally suit.  If the style is more contemporary, then a frameless and/or unusually shaped mirror might look good.

Should you choose framed or frameless?  A framed mirror is more decorative and will add a certain polish to the room.  They can be largely decorated or simple and minimal.   A frameless mirror is relatively easy to style and fits with pretty much any aesthetic.

Most people decide to hang their bathroom mirror over their vanity unit but if you have an unusually shaped bathroom or a obstructing window then you may need to position it on another wall or area.  The point is to keep an open mind and find what works for the bathroom users.

Bathroom mirrors usually come in square/rectangular shapes or circular/oval shapes.  Round mirrors bring an element of softness and allow more of the wall to be seen.  If you have wallpaper or bathroom tile that you would like to show off then this may be the option for you.  Rectangular mirrors are more classic and look great in modern bathrooms.