Firebird Boilers

BJ Mullen have a range of Firebird Boilers for both indoor and outdoor.  Firebird are committed to the ongoing development of innovative heating products.  Firebird’s condensing oil boilers use the latest technology to ensure energy efficiency.

The Benefits of selecting a Firebird Boiler are:

SEDBUK Band A Efficiency

  • A modern, truly condensing boiler that delivers the efficiency promised.
  • Up to 25% savings in fuel consumption compared with non-condensing boilers.
  • Lower emissions and carbon dioxide.

Designed as a condensing boiler – not an “add on”

  • The condensing heat exchanger is an integral part of the boiler shell.
  • Condenser is located at the bottom of the appliance. There is no fear of corrosion.
  • Easy to install and service.

Robust design

  • Enviromax™ boilers are built from premium grade steel with a minimum 4mm gauge.
  • All indoor models have a heavy duty casing with a polyester-coated finish to protect the boiler from normal wear and tear.

Widest range on the market

  • With up to 60 models available, there is something to suit every customer. Ranging from 12kW to 100kW.

Installer Friendly Features

  • 4 tapping points on most boiler models – increases installation options.
  • Front service access – easy access to common service parts.
  • 7-pin plug – simplifies wiring.
  • Optional condensate pump – lifts up to 5m – perfect solution where natural gradient is not available.
  • Multi-directional flue options – increases installation options.

Call into BJ Mullen and our plumbing department will be able to advise you further.

Firebird Boiler