For all your gardening needs, call into BJ Mullen where you can choose from a range of Westland Gardening Products.

We have a plant food range that has a product for everyone who wants to give their garden a boost.   From all-purpose and slow-release feeds that can be used all around the garden, to specialist plant foods like tomato food.  Big brands like Gro-Sure can help your plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees, bulbs and indoor plants bloom better than ever before.

BJ Mullen have  a great range of compost from trusted brands.  Traditional John Innes blends and multi-purpose composts can be used throughout the garden.

Whatever the pest, whatever the problem, Westland has a solution. Our Resolva, and Eraza brands combats pests fast with a range of slug and bug killers and preventative controls. From fast-acting to organic and even pet-safe option, we give gardeners a helping hand when they need it most.

The Westland weedkiller range has a product for everyone who wants to control the weeds in their garden. With big brands like Resolva there’s no dandelion, thistle, dock or bindweed that’s too tough.

We also have products from Westland and AfterCut to make your lawn beautiful.  BJ Mullen also stock gardening tools and equipment so call in today for everything you need for a beautiful garden.