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How to Incorporate Colour

How to incorporate colour

Are you looking to get out of your neutral colour comfort zone?  Want to add some interest and focal points without having to decide on a whole feature wall? Or even if you just want to tie your colour scheme together with some highlights and accents, sometimes the best ways to incorporate colour into your space are the least obvious ones.

Don’t be put off using colour in your home if you’re not attracted to the traditional feature wall layout, there are plenty of ways to introduce a brighter scheme, add accents and highlight features of your space.

Try painting your woodwork in a contrasting or bright shade to stand out against plain walls. You could even take this one step further and paint your window frame a different colour to your skirting boards.  This can have an amazing effect on a room when paired with complementary blinds as you can see the whole surround.

For a more modern look for painted wood work try using a lighter or darker shade from the same tonal palette as your wall, like this bedroom in Mustard Jar with woodwork finished in Soft Shadow, Non Drip Satin.




And finally if your looking to make a bigger impact an alternative take on the feature wall is to divide your space using colour, for example painting the bottom half of the wall in a different colour to the top, such as this kitchen done in Soft Shadow (top) and Chartreuse Mix (bottom).



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