Sweet Sherbet Crown Paint


Perfect Pastels

Pastels are a very versatile décor option. Choosing a pastel theme when re-designing or re-decorating a room offers multiple colour scheme, furnishing and dressing options.

Because of its versatility a pastel décor theme can be achieved in a number of different ways depending on your taste; pastels work well in both vintage and modern inspired environments, can be easily incorporated into ultra-feminine spaces or included to add some softness and interest to bold more masculine rooms.




This hallway uses a pastel base to give the room a feel of classic femininity without being over powering. Honey Fever, the apricot colour of the walls offers the perfect staging for the floral decorative elements and the use of the more neutral High Line supports the main colour whilst preventing it from being over powering.




This hallway on the other hand is an example of using a pastel palette in a cooler space to offer a more modern feel. The warm tones of the cream Water Chestnut work well to support the cooler green Botanical Extract making the space welcoming and homely without losing its fresh feel.   For the full Crown Paint Range call into BJ Mullen for advice, paint and accessories.

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