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Choose Crown Paint colour for your home

Choosing paint colours for your home can be tricky and a lengthy process, but by taking some tips from this article you could be a few steps closer to picking your favourite colours from Crown Paint.

The Crown Paint room painter app is great for helping you visualise what the colours would look like in your home.

Simply download the app from the App Store, Google play or amazon apps and take a picture or pictures of your room and upload them. Once you have uploaded them you can choose from our incredible range of colours and start painting the walls with your favourite Crown Paint colours. The app lets you paint walls & ceilings easily my simply dropping your chosen colour over the picture. You can keep a note of your favourite colours by adding them to your ‘wish list’ within the app.

Once you have seen what colours work the best in your home and you’ve chosen all your personal favourites, call into BJ Mullen.  We have the full range of Crown Paint together with primers, fillers, brushes and other painting accessories.  Our team of expert staff can advise you on the best type and amount of paint for your job.

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