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Calm Kitchens

Creating Calm Kitchens


The kitchen is often the heart of the home, there is always lots going and it becomes the central gathering place at parties and celebrations, especially if there is food involved!Bold colours or sterile whites are common choices for kitchen décor to either offset or match appliances. However, a more neutral colour palette can also work really well, especially in Kitchens which are high traffic areas where using neutral colours can help create a calm area, and a great space for people to de-compress on their way in or out of the house. 


This kitchen uses Soft Steel for the walls and Rum & Raisin for the cupboards both in Kitchen & Bathroom matt emulsion.  The combination uses softer tones and a neutral colour palette to offer the perfect stage for other statement decorative elements, without losing any warmth from the room. The illusion of the metallic tiles, painted in Sophistication and Millionaire from the metallic range also help to add interest to the space without undermining the neutral tone.




This kitchen is an example of how a neutral colour palette can work to compliment a more traditional room. The wood features offer a homely feel and help to tie the room together, whereas the more neutral wall colours painted in Spotlight matt emulsion, keep the room feeling fresh and both work together to create a calming atmosphere.

For the full range of Crown Paints, call into BJ Mullen.  We will be happy to help with any advice, paint, tools and equipment you need to create a calm kitchen!

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