Heritage Baths

Victorian Bathroom

Tiling a Victorian Bathroom

There are many ways you can recreate the style of the traditional Victorian bathroom whilst also enjoying the conveniences of 21st century plumbing, sanitary ware, heating and lighting.

Take flooring: our Victorian Floor tiles are the most obvious choice for a hard wearing surface that is also soft to the touch for bare feet. As well as being suitable for use with underfloor heating, authentic patterns from the Victorian era will certainly look the part. We have plenty of options too, from a simple checkerboard to complex designs incorporating decorated tiles. Add a deep claw foot bath for extra authenticity!

Walls: our Artworks collection of decorative tiles includes faithful reproductions of Victorian designs, and panels by famous artists of the day and pretty floral tiles and borders. There are also nearly 30 traditional colours of tiles and mouldings, all with high gloss reflective glazes. Colours range from Brilliant White to Jet Black, Burgundy, Victorian Green and Windsor Blue, all colours that would have graced those luxurious bathrooms in the Victorian era.

Call into BJ Mullen and let our friendly staff help you choose a look thats right for you.

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