New Mosaics from Original Style

With over 40 new mosaics, you will find beautiful products that complement existing ranges as well as brand new shapes and new materials suitable for both walls and floors. From cool contemporary greys and neutrals, with beautiful natural stone effect and soft grey veining, to the colourful rainbow tones in the popular scallop shell shape; […]

Kitchen Tiles

Neutral Tiles

How to nail the neutral trend with tiles

Neutrals go with anything, that’s what makes them such a practical and safe choice in interiors. Adding colour to a space can be daunting, but it can be just as confusing teaming together neutral tones and textures. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or hallway, you can still create a stunning look without committing to bold colours, here’s a few of our tips on creating winning neutral spaces.


You can’t go wrong with a simple white bathroom suite and classic fixtures and fittings. There is no shame opting for practicality, and in this sense, tiles are a bathroom’s best friend. If functionality comes first then go for large format porcelain tiles, as minimal grout lines make for less cleaning and maintenance. Here’s a few of our favourites:

OS-Westdene-Soberton-61.jpgNeutral leads to natural. Try a marble texture for a subtle twist
Original Style_Tileworks_Amelia White CS1061-9015, CS1061-9022, CS1061-9045_landscape.jpgMake it seamless with these Large Format Tiles
Original Style_Tileworks_Form_Couche CS1059-9030_landscape.jpgBring in texture and dimension

A neutral scheme is a great backdrop to any other colour, providing a base for decorating and bringing in future trends.

Living Areas

You might not naturally look to use tiles outside kitchens and bathrooms, but opting for neutral floor tiles is a great way to add warmth to a white interior. Take wood effect floor tiles for example, brilliant for bringing in that scandi-vibe, choose from cool ashy tones to warmer hues.


Neutrals don’t have to be browns and creams though, we love the effect these dark floor wood effect tiles create when teamed with deep earthy tones for a warm and cosy living area.

Original Style_Tileworks_Eco CS1055-12020_landscape_2.jpgTileworks Eco 



Original Style_Earthworks_Travertine New Umbrian Gold EW-UGF61x30-A.jpgEarthworks Travertine New Umbrian Gold 


Kitchens, like bathrooms, above all need to be functional so, if you’re lusting after an all-white kitchen, we don’t blame you. Timeless, fresh and clean, white kitchens are a popular choice. A  few ideas for you:

The Winchester Tile Company - Artisan - Helmingham Half Tile.jpgWinchester Helmingham Half Tile 
Original Style_Artworks_Daisy Satin CDA9002_2.jpgArtworks Daisy Satin 
Original Style_Earthworks_EW-GREYABSET Greyfriars Abbey portrait less highlight Grey.jpgPorcelain half tiles from The Winchester Company

Kitchen walls quickly get dirty without easy to clean tiling. Choosing white half, brick or bevelled metro tiles is another safe yet on trend choice. Make sure to seal the grout if it is white or it might not stay that way for long! Or try using a coloured or grey grout to avoid the problem all together.

The full range of Original Style tiles is available @ BJ Mullen.  Call in and speak to one of our staff.


Oatmeal Rustic Stone

Tile Visualiser

Tile Visualiser from Original Style

Original Style have created their new Tile Visualiser to help you choose the perfect pattern for your tiling job. Choose from four different rooms in the style most suited to your home and experiment with various patterns to help you choose the perfect colour scheme and overall look for your room.

The new  Tile Visualiser has a sleek design and enables you to see how Victorian Floor Tiles can transform areas of your home, traditional or contemporary. Its functional design means the Visualiser is also accessible from smartphones and tablets, giving the option to use it at home as well as when out shopping or on the move. Once you have created your design you can simply download a PDF version with a breakdown of the tiles used and bring it to BJ Mullen to place an order.

Front Path

Each rendered image is based on a real life installation to provide an accurate representation of how Victorian Floor Tiles look in situ. The Tile Visualiser can help you decide if you want a simple black and white pattern or something with a little more detail, like the front paths shown below.

black and white front path.jpgTile Visualiser
Original Style - VFT - Dorchester in Black and Dover White.jpgReal life installation
beln pah.JPGTile Visualiser
OS-Maidenhead-008.jpgReal life installation


The hallway is a great area of the home for something a little different as we don’t tend to spend a lot of time there,  so committing to a bold and daring pattern makes for a timeless and stunning entrance  to your home. Try a classic red and buff pattern as pictured below, or for something a little more understated try a striking pattern in neutral tones. Many of these are available to view on the Tile Visualiser.

lindisfarne.JPGTile Visualiser


It’s often difficult to imagine how Victorian Floor Tiles can look on a larger scale, especially with detailed and more intricate patterns. If you’re decorating your kitchen and planning to use Victorian Floor Tiles the Tile Visualiser is the perfect tool to see the pattern repeat on a larger scale. It also displays how Victorian Floor Tiles work in both modern and traditional kitchens.

blue red kitchen.JPGTile Visualiser
19-Leincester-Road-067.jpgReal life installation

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Tile Visualiser now and get started!  Original Style tiles are available from BJ Mullen, together with adhesives, grouts and tools and, of course, expert advice from our friendly staff.

Field Tiles

Tile Patterns

Your Guide to tile patterns

Tiles @ BJ Mullen

Before you get stuck into your kitchen or bathroom makeover, have you considered the layout of your tiles? Playing with angles and patterns is a brilliant way to add interest and a new dimension to your design. We’ve put together some tips and ideas on laying tiles to make even the simplest of schemes stand out.
1. Herringbone
This style of tiling is becoming more and more popular and works well with both half tiles and brick style. Although this layout is fairly challenging to install it pays off, providing a simple yet beautiful visual interest, to make a space appear bigger try tiling from the floor to the ceiling to help draw the eye along the length of the room.2. Running Bond
This is another good method for adding the illusion of space and height. Really it’s just a brick bond but on its side, so installation is fairly straightforward. Try teaming a panel of running bond half tiles in between large format tiles.

1 herringbone and running bond @ BJ Mullen

3.  Offset
If you’re using field tiles on your wall but want to add some interest, try laying them out in an offset pattern. Brick bonding field tiles is simple; the tiles are offset by half the width of the tile and can be teamed with mouldings and skirtings for more detail.

4.  Basket weave
This classic pattern is made up of rectangles and squares to create a woven basket effect. Creating this look is easier than you think and can also be achieved with ready laid out mosaics.

2 offset and basket weave @ BJ Mullen

5. Straight Herringbone
This take on the herringbone pattern has a more contemporary vibe with the tiles laid at a 90 degree angle instead of 45 creating a sharper edge. Designers use the herringbone pattern to enhance the size of a smaller room, but laying tiles in this way also adds a visual impact, even if only used as a small splashback.

6. Octagon Dot
Octagon Dot is another classic layout often seen on floors using Victorian Floor tiles. This pattern is versatile and works well in kitchens, hallways and paths. Opt for a simple monochrome style or mix up the colours by adding a drop in tile in another shade.


3 straight herringbone and octagon dot @ BJ Mullen

7. Diamond
Add some elegance by simply laying square tiles in a diamond pattern; this is a widely used tiling layout which works well on both walls on floors.  If your wall or floor isn’t perfectly square, a diagonal layout like this will help hide any imperfections.

8. Chevron
Laying tiles in chevrons can be time consuming and tricky, so why not cheat and use Chevron Parquet floor tiles instead to achieve the same look but with easier installation. You have to get very close to this porcelain tile to appreciate that it’s not actually wooden blocks. Each tile measures 1200mm but has the look of pre-laid tiles, only it’s far quicker to install.

Tiles @ BJ Mullen

9. Large Format Brick Bond
Brick bond is also a popular layout and although using an oversized brick is not technically different from a standard brick, the overall effect is another interesting look. 600x300mm tiles from the Tileworks collection are ideal for this and using large format tiles will help minimize the visual impact of grout, and gives the tiles a more seamless appearance.

10. Stack Bond
If you’re planning to use metro, half or brick tiles consider the stack bond layout. This is one of the most straightforward layouts; the tiles are aligned to form a basic repeating grid. The overall look is a clean modern look that will bring any kitchen or bathroom up to date.

6 large format brickbond and stack bond tiles @ bj mullen

11. Grid
Like the stack bond only with field tiles this layout is another classic. Bring the style up to date by teaming grey grout with white field tiles and this look will work anywhere and everywhere.

12. Modular
Create a farmhouse style using a variety of sizes, the geometric pattern repeat adds detail without chaos, creating the effect of perfectly balanced puzzle. This layout works best on an expanse of floor, so try using our Earthworks Grey Friars set, the undulated natural stone adds a rustic and homely feel.

4 grid and modular tiles@ BJ Mullen

For inspiration, call into BJ Mullen’s Tile Showroom and speak to one of our staff.

Kitchen Tiles

Tiles for a Small Kitchen

Tiles for a small kitchen

An open spaced, well lit large country kitchen might be a dream for many of us who, in reality, have a slightly smaller space… However, even if your kitchen is small it doesn’t mean that you can’t think big, what small kitchens lack in space can be made up for in style, so opt for plenty of storage, good lighting and clever use of tiles

1. Reflective Surfaces

Using reflective tiles really is a brilliant way of adding the illusion of more space. Mirror tiles are the obvious solution and provide a stunning look to any kitchen, for a striking look consider using these platinum tiles from the Artworks collection, their reflective qualities have the same effect in making your kitchen look bigger than it really is.

Reflective Tiles @ BJ Mullen

2. Small Details

Introducing a small amount of pattern can be a brilliant focal point, try incorporating a patterned splash back like these tapestry tiles from the Odyssey collection. Introducing detail through tiles is a great way to add style without sacrificing any space!

Patterned tiles @ BJ Mullen

3. Consider Colour

It might be tempting to fill a small kitchen with different colours which of course can be beautifully striking but it might overwhelm a space too. Choose one or two colours and keep it simple with some classic field or brick tiles like these Rioja Brick tiles from the Winchester Tile Company.

Brick Tiles@ BJ Mullen

4. Think Big

Another way to add a sense of space is by using large format tiles. This works for both walls and floors as laying large tiles together reduces the amount of grout lines; this creates a seamless effect with nothing to distract the eye when you enter a room.

Large Format Tiles @ BJ Mullen


Maybe you just need some inspiration on colour schemes or tile ideas; whether you live in a small city flat, tiny farmhouse cottage or even a stately home, take some time to decide on what would make your perfect kitchen.  Call in to BJ Mullen where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Coastal Style bathrooms @ BJ Mullen

Coastal Style Bathrooms

Coastal Style Bathrooms – Bathrooms are the perfect room for a beach inspired style, whether you will soon be jetting off to a beachside location, or just wish that you were, who wouldn’t want to emulate the feeling of freedom and relaxation in their bathroom?


The obvious choice for a beach inspired bathroom is blue, from dusky duck egg blue to inky indigo and turquoise, you can mix and match different shades how you please. Neutral shades also work well, try a sandy beige floor tile like Acropolis Sand from the Tileworks collection for a contemporary edge. Mosaics are also brilliant for creating a coastal style, jewelled blue Crystal Mosaics coordinate with sandy hues perfectly. For something a little different try teaming shades of blue with a soft yellow to add the suggestion of natural sunlight.


It’s a given that certain materials lend themselves to a coastal theme, driftwood, pebbles and weathered shells add a sense of a natural environment. For a real feature wall try Cimento Wave from the Tileworks collection (as pictured above) , the grooves in these tiles work well on walls adding depth and interest. Whilst natural wood looks fantastic it isn’t always suitable for bathrooms, try wood effect tiles instead. They are hardwearing and durable making them great replicas to the real thing – not forgetting that they are much lower maintenance.


Accessories are brilliant for creating any style, if you want to opt for simple white brick tiles from the Winchester collection, you can create a coastal style by introducing simple beach motif accessories. For a subtle touch try a panel of Mother of Pearl Mosaics or a Carthage border (as pictured below), these natural shell tiles add a touch of luxury to a coastal style bathroom.

For our full range of tiles and accessories, call into BJ Mullen or take a look at our galleries.
Original Style Butterfly @ BJ Mullen

Handmade Tiles

Handmade Tiles – it’s all in the detail

BJ Mullen supply ceramic handmade tiles which are crafted using traditional methods.   Moulds and glazes create beautiful relief tiles, many of which are hand painted by talented artists.

Drop-ins, mouldings and border tiles are often overlooked, but they really can add that coveted wow factor. You can use them to frame, highlight and finish an area to perfection. Many of our tiles are available with a coordinating border, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and put together your own combinations. Here’s a look at some of our favourite small and handmade pieces.

Butterfly Tiles@ BJ Mullen

Add a subtle feature with a butterfly effect tile

Winchester Tiles @ BJ Mullen

Choose from a selection of mouldings from the Winchester tile company

Traditional Glazes

Handmade Tiles @ BJ Mullen

Intricate Detail

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles


When it comes to choosing tiles the choices are endless and perhaps, at times, a little overwhelming! Here at BJ Mullen we believe tiles have the ability to transform any interior space and large format tiles are the perfect choice for the undecided.
Here’s a look at some of the advantages of large format tiles:
  • Large format tiles offer a no-nonsense, sleek and unfussy appeal.  This is mainly due tot eh fact that using tiles of this size results in fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish.
  • Using oversized tiles in a small area tricks the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger than it really is, so can help to create a sense of scale where it doesn’t naturally exist.
  • Large format tiles means less grout gaps which means less cleaning – Bonus!

The most popular materials for large format tiles are porcelain and ceramic, which make them both an affordable and practical choice.  Porcelain and ceramic tiles are hardwearing and require little maintenance. These materials also benefit from advancements in ink jet technology allowing for detailed effects such as wood, marble and concrete, to be replicated onto tiles with a realistic finish. Decorative effects can also be applied like the Copper and Steel effect tiles from the Tileworks collection, which are great for creating an industrial look whilst maintaining a contemporary finish.




For more ideas call into BJ Mullen and take a look at our extensive displays.

Wall Tiles

Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall


Feature walls are often thought of as a white room with a single wall painted bright orange or deep red – but showcasing some colour in your home doesn’t need to be this obvious.

Feature walls work especially well with tiles. Using one material or the same tiles for a whole room can sometimes look overpowering; introducing a variety of textures and colours is a great way to add interest to a plain space. Here are our tips for creating a feature wall with tiles:

  • Consider the size of your space. Depending on the colour and finish tiles can help to enlarge a small room, highly reflective glossy tiles or even mirror tiles can make the room feel much larger, even by just tiling one wall or a small area
  • Use feature walls sparingly throughout your space. The whole purpose of the feature wall means it is a unique element. Sometimes less is more and can look better depending on the size of your space, try Eastern Light to add some stand out mosaic panelling
  • Get creative! Don’t be afraid to use a bold splash of colour like Copper Leaf or an unusual texture like Form Couche which contrasts beautifully against plain white tiles. The feature wall is the perfect place for using a daring tile without too much commitment to the whole room

You can work the rest of your room around a feature wall too, if you’ve already seen a bold colour or texture in which you want to incorporate it can be easy to decide on the coordinating colours and styles – much like working an outfit around the perfect shoes!

For Inspiration and everything you need to complete your tiling job, call into our showroom where our expert staff will be happy to help.