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Tiles for a Small Kitchen

Tiles for a small kitchen

An open spaced, well lit large country kitchen might be a dream for many of us who, in reality, have a slightly smaller space… However, even if your kitchen is small it doesn’t mean that you can’t think big, what small kitchens lack in space can be made up for in style, so opt for plenty of storage, good lighting and clever use of tiles

1. Reflective Surfaces

Using reflective tiles really is a brilliant way of adding the illusion of more space. Mirror tiles are the obvious solution and provide a stunning look to any kitchen, for a striking look consider using these platinum tiles from the Artworks collection, their reflective qualities have the same effect in making your kitchen look bigger than it really is.

Reflective Tiles @ BJ Mullen

2. Small Details

Introducing a small amount of pattern can be a brilliant focal point, try incorporating a patterned splash back like these tapestry tiles from the Odyssey collection. Introducing detail through tiles is a great way to add style without sacrificing any space!

Patterned tiles @ BJ Mullen

3. Consider Colour

It might be tempting to fill a small kitchen with different colours which of course can be beautifully striking but it might overwhelm a space too. Choose one or two colours and keep it simple with some classic field or brick tiles like these Rioja Brick tiles from the Winchester Tile Company.

Brick Tiles@ BJ Mullen

4. Think Big

Another way to add a sense of space is by using large format tiles. This works for both walls and floors as laying large tiles together reduces the amount of grout lines; this creates a seamless effect with nothing to distract the eye when you enter a room.

Large Format Tiles @ BJ Mullen


Maybe you just need some inspiration on colour schemes or tile ideas; whether you live in a small city flat, tiny farmhouse cottage or even a stately home, take some time to decide on what would make your perfect kitchen.  Call in to BJ Mullen where our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles


When it comes to choosing tiles the choices are endless and perhaps, at times, a little overwhelming! Here at BJ Mullen we believe tiles have the ability to transform any interior space and large format tiles are the perfect choice for the undecided.
Here’s a look at some of the advantages of large format tiles:
  • Large format tiles offer a no-nonsense, sleek and unfussy appeal.  This is mainly due tot eh fact that using tiles of this size results in fewer grout lines, allowing a clean and uninterrupted finish.
  • Using oversized tiles in a small area tricks the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger than it really is, so can help to create a sense of scale where it doesn’t naturally exist.
  • Large format tiles means less grout gaps which means less cleaning – Bonus!

The most popular materials for large format tiles are porcelain and ceramic, which make them both an affordable and practical choice.  Porcelain and ceramic tiles are hardwearing and require little maintenance. These materials also benefit from advancements in ink jet technology allowing for detailed effects such as wood, marble and concrete, to be replicated onto tiles with a realistic finish. Decorative effects can also be applied like the Copper and Steel effect tiles from the Tileworks collection, which are great for creating an industrial look whilst maintaining a contemporary finish.




For more ideas call into BJ Mullen and take a look at our extensive displays.

Tileworks @ BJ Mullen



Tileworks Collection

Introducing over 60 new Tileworks products
BJ Mullen are delighted to announce the launch of more than 60 new ceramic and porcelain products in the Tileworks range.

This range, which already includes a large selection of contemporary tiles for walls and floors, has received a number of brand new additions as well as extensions to existing products to provide a more comprehensive offering.

Some of the new products include:

  • Oxide – these contemporary planks feature a subtle metallic effect. Whilst they have a contemporary semi-polished finish, they also have a rusted edge effect. This plays into the current trend for industrial interiors and provides a pleasing juxtaposition. They work well in shabby chic interiors.

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  • Marmi Unici, Marmi Classico and Magnum – marble effect tiles in a range of grey hues offering an alternative to the usual bright white. Ink-jet printed for a realistic effect, these come in planks of up to 28 variations which means a pattern is not built and the overall effect is realistic.

Marmi Classico Noir

  • Bricks – individual matt glazed porcelain brick tiles in five colours, designed to look and feel like traditional bricks. The Rosato, Mattone and Fumo colours have been specially selected to match the shade of bricks used in British homes and the long, thin shape offers a contemporary feel.
  • Studio Wave – textured porcelain wall tiles featuring a subtle undulating effect which looks its best when lit at an angle. Soft colours means the waved surface draws the eye.

textured structure

Extensions to existing products include Bianco Panazetto Natural. Made from ceramic, this is a lighter and thinner version of an existing tile, chosen to aid more convenient installation. Metal Effect linear mosaics have been added to an existing product range, providing a more comprehensive offering for a uniform finish on walls and floors.

For the full Tileworks range, project advice, tools and accessories, call down to BJ Mullen where one of our team will be happy to assist you.