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Summer Colour

Summer’s here and along with the temperature, it seems that we are ‘rising’ to the DIY challenge, according to a recent survey conducted by Crown Paints.

When it comes to reaching for the toolbox, we are a nation of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, with a whopping 56% of respondents telling us that they know best when it comes to DIY, with 27% relying on professionals and another 13% calling on family members for help.

Whatever the method employed, it found that a resounding 92% of you feel inspired to redecorate during the summer months with bright summer colour.

So what is it, that’s so inspiring about this time of year?  Well … it’s no surprise that the weather plays a huge part, with bright blue skies, sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass sowing the seeds for a home refresh.

For colour selection, we found that travel is the number one source of inspiration with two fifths of those surveyed saying they feel inspired by places they’ve been and want to reflect those memories and feelings in their home.

Fresh whites and creams topped the colour poll, while your top colours for summer are blues, yellows and greens.

So take a tip from us and bring the summer into your home with an uplifting colour scheme you can feel inspired by all year round.

Happy decorating from Crown Paints & BJ Mullen.  For the full range of Crown Paints as well as varnishes, fillers, and decorating accessories, call in to speak to one of our team.



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