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A to Z of tiles: G is for glass tiles
Glass is one of the most practical tile materials that you can use in your home. Glossy, reflective, easy to clean – what’s not to love? It comes in a range of shapes, sizes and formats, so here’s some tips for what you should consider when choosing your glass tiles.

Traditional or contemporary style?

What’s the style of your home or room and, perhaps more crucially, what style do you want to create? Glass is often associated with modern spaces thanks to its glossy and reflective surface, but certain types of glass look great in classic spaces, too. Contemporary rooms lend themselves to large format shapes in any hue that takes your fancy. Teamed with sleek, handleless kitchen cabinets, you can create the stylish kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

In a traditional home, if you still want the wipe-clean benefits of glass tiles, consider choosing a frosted finish. Or take a look at some of our glass mosaics – gorgeous shapes in warm colours (such as Cora, shown top) look beautiful in a country kitchen or classic bathroom setting.

Which shape of tile should you choose?

Your choices are all but endless when it comes to glass tiles – from large format tiles to flat bricks, metro bricks, hexagon mosaics, round mosaics and more. Some shapes are better suited to certain styles of home – large format tiles look more contemporary than smaller, bevelled brick tiles so may be a better fit for a contemporary home. Ultimately, follow your instincts and select the shape that speaks to your own personal tastes as you’re less likely to tire of a style that you truly love. But don’t forget to let your head have a say too…

Practically perfect

One of the most important (but admittedly less exciting) aspects of choosing your tiles is to ensure that they suit your lifestyle. Glass is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its glossy surface, but grout still needs attention. Bear this in mind if you’re leaning towards glass mosaics; whilst the tiles themselves will be wipe-clean, the grout may need the occasional scrub to keep it looking fresh, especially if it’s used as a splashback behind a hob as this area is prone to cooking splashes.

Large format glass tiles are an excellent choice for those of us who prefer a low maintenance lifestyle. Fewer grout lines means less cleaning commitments, leaving more time to admire your décor!

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