Snickers Ladies Workwear includes new Women’s High-Vis Work Trousers

Snickers Ladies Workwear @ BJ Mullen. High-visibility workwear is a vital part of personal protective equipment, making you visible in fog, haze and low-light conditions. Snickers Workwear offers a wide range of high-vis garments for all seasons and weather conditions.

Work trousers with optimal fit for female craftsmen

“Our women-specific workwear is based on proven and popular men’s styles, but come with a fit shaped according to the female anatomy,” says Kicki Kemze, Pattern Designer at Snickers Workwear. “The high-vis 6730 trousers feature wider hips and narrower waist to provide optimal fit and ergonomics for female craftsmen, enabling them to be efficient, comfortable and safe in low-light-conditions.”

6730 AllroundWork, Women’s High-Vis Work Trousers + Holster Pockets CL2 Women’s high-visibility work trousers with holster pockets that combine great fit and comfort with efficient functionality. Advanced knee protection, built-in ventilation and the stretch gusset in the crotch and the back panel ensure all-round performance. EN 14404

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