Limited space shouldn’t limit comfort! Here are three compact shower solutions that are big on style and wellbeing.

With creativity and innovation, compact spaces can be completely reinvented. New materials, organic textures and modern features bring countless possibilities to even the smallest of bathrooms. In this article we look at two different shower concepts for small bathrooms that bring vitality and style to compact spaces.


Minimal space is no reason to give up on maximum performance. Go a step beyond conventional vitreous china and opt for a shower tray that offers the greatest benefits.

Cratos combines the proven hygienic qualities of vitreous china with a fully anti slip surface of extraordinary resistance. Manufactured in Senceramic®, Roca’s innovative vitreous china, the Cratos shower tray guarantees maximum safety in the bathroom thanks to its outstanding anti slip texture. Its extra-slim design allows floor-levelled installation, providing freedom of movement in the bathroom. Cratos shower trays can be cut to your required dimensions and are available in five finishes so that you can choose the one that best suits your interior scheme.

With the soles of your feet taken care of, what about the rest of your body? A thermostatic shower is hard to beat. These showers heat water up in seconds without wasting a drop, provide a constant temperature even when other taps are on around the house, and come packaged in a range of stylish designs. For example, the Victoria thermostatic shower offers the elegance of simplicity and modern curves and the EvenT has the option of large shower heads for a luxurious soak. Both of these collections provide you with a rain effect shower for ultimate relaxation.


If you don’t have a lot of space for a shower but want to enjoy the benefits offered by the most innovative materials, opt for a Stonex® anti slip resin shower tray. Stonex® shower trays can be cut to size and perfectly adapt to the space available. They’re also extra-slim, which eliminates access barriers to the shower.

Textures inspired by nature are the hallmark of Stonex®. The Terran anti slip shower tray replicates the tactility of stone, bringing an industrial touch to any bathroom style as well as ensuring aesthetics and safety. For a unified look, camouflage the shower’s drain by installing a Stonex® cover in the same finish. You can cut a Terran shower tray to size depending on your space requirements and there’s the option to install a frame – a shower tray with a raised lip around the edges – if you prefer this style.

Whatever anti slip shower tray you choose, combine it with a thermostatic shower column to enrich the comfort of your daily routines. As well as achieving your ideal temperature in seconds, Roca’s thermostatic showers come with Safe Touch® technology which prevents brassware from overheating. Security 38º is another safety feature which ensures water temperature does not exceed 38º. Not only do these technologies prevent any burns, they also help save energy.

As well as providing a refreshing, energy efficient shower, shower columns can also provide helpful storage. Take Deck for example, a shower model with a mixer that includes a small shelf – a great place to store your favourite showering products and accessories. Deck is available with either a Round or Square shower-head to enjoy your daily rain effect shower beneath.