Colourful Bathrooms @ BJ Mullen

Colourful Bathrooms

Colourful Bathrooms @ BJ Mullen.

An all white, flat surfaced, super shiny white bathroom can seem a little bit clinical.  For a bathroom that’s full of character and personality yet fulfils all the practical needs of such a room, look no further than the images below for your inspiration.

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What catches your eye first? The fabulous, period style of the furniture? Sumptuous-looking bath that you just want to get in to? The dark budgie and butterfly walls? All of the above? The reason this bathroom works so well is that all the elements are balanced – strong colours, big furniture, glamorous finishing touches that sit together all equal in the overall scheme.

This is a bathroom which is not overwhelmingly bathroom-y, instead it has an identity and proud stance that’s usually reserved for living areas in a home. The big storage piece has the look of a dresser more usually seen in a dining room or kitchen so that immediately gives the room the edge. And think how much storage you have in there with cupboards at the bottom and top to keep all toiletries, loo rolls and cleaning products secretly hidden away from view, and the glass fronted doors mean you can have gorgeous things on display from perfumes bottles through to vintage glass (always be on the look out in charity shops and car boot sales).

03 Set-3-Clotted-Cream3458-Cameo-6-Dresser-open

Yes it’s big but it’s enviably practical too and if your bathroom’s a bit smaller and this would fill a whole wall then that would look amazing too. Don’t assume you can’t have a wall of furniture in a bathroom because you can and it can look wonderful.


The shape of this bath is both modern and traditional.   Charcoal grey is warm and classic and proud – more so than neutral tones and makes this the statement piece that it deserves to be.


Don’t be afraid to use colour and pattern in a bathroom. It’s not done that much (which will make you stand out from the crowd) but the deep colours make pale furniture and fittings stand out beautifully and it adds a cosy feel without being dominant. Avoid hanging wallpaper where it will get splashed and wet constantly as this will damage it, but use it as a backdrop to add immediate charm.


This deep coloured paper lets the large pale units be eye-catching – if the walls were pale it’d all mush together into a neutral nothingness. Add bold lighting, crystal cupboard handles and luxurious solid countertops and you will be amazed at how the effect makes you smile every day. For advice on all things bathroom, call into BJ Mullen and speak to one of our Bathroom Advisors.

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