Evergreen stoves deliver warmth, satisfaction and quality to your home, and offer outstandingly good value for money.

The Evergreen range of cast iron, multi-fuel stoves includes models from 6kw to 16kw, in a variety of styles, single or double door stoves with airwash system. Most are available with boilers and all are CE approved.

The Poplar

The Evergreen Poplar 8kW Stove is a tremendously popular single door stove. The Poplar stove is very powerful for  to its size, and is simple to operate. This multi-fuel stove will happily burn wood and most types of solid fuel and is also available with a plain door.

Evergreen Poplar

The Larch

The Larch is the smallest in the Evergreen range but still is an incredibly powerful stove with a 6 kW output.  It is made of cast iron and also comes in a boiler model.

Evergreen Larch

The Holly

The Holly is the second largest in the Evergreen range. this very powerful stove with a 16 kW output will keep you and your family toasty warm, even in the coldest months.  A boiler model is also available.

Evergreen Holly

The Maple

The Evergreen Maple Multifuel / Woodburning Stove has a grand appearance with its wide legged stance and ornate casting. As with all Evergreen stoves the Maple has modern features including air control and airwash systems that help control the stove and keep the glass free from deposits.

Evergreen Maple

The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn is an attractive double door stove. It also available as a single door version see the Ash below.  This is also available in a boiler model.

Evergreen Hawthorn

The Ash

The Ash is a tremendously popular single door stove and has an optional boiler available. With a heat output of 7kW, it is also available in a double door version – the Hawthorn above.

Evergreen Ash

The Elm Double Vision

The Evergreen Elm Double Vision multi burning stove is a double sided version of the Evergreen Elm stove (see below).

It is ideal for installation in a dividing wall between two rooms, where it can warm and enhance two different rooms at the same time.

Evergreen Elm Double

The Elm

The Elm is a large stove fits even the most shallow of inglenooks, due to its depth of just 400 mm. With its 10 kW output, it easily heats even the largest of spaces.

Evergreen Elm @ BJ Mullen

The Rowan

The Evergreen Rowan stove is a 8kW multi fuel stove in a  classic design.  It also comes in a boiler model.

Evergreen Rowan