Boru Stoves are based in Co. Tipperary and all their stoves are 100% Irish.  There are a wide range of Stoves available to suit all decors and heating requirements.  Boiler and Non Boiler, Single Sided and Double Sided, Inset and Freestanding with a wealth of optional extras such as log units and canopies for the perfect stove tailored to you. Back to Stoves.

The Chieftan

The Chieftain insert boiler stoves are a class leader when it comes to boiler stoves. They have the highest output available for a standard opening add that with its style and you know you are onto a winner. The Chieftain heats up to 12 single radiators and the hot water and gives a max of 2kw to the room.

boru chieftan

The Boru 600i Series

The Boru 600i Series are inset stoves available in Single or Double Sided and with our without a Back Boiler.  These stoves are sleek and contemporary.  These stoves will heat an average size house (up to 10 single radiators) and with piping hot water you certainly will not be disappointed. So if you’d like a stove for fireplace or a feature in a blank wall, the 600b Back Boiler Stoves is worth a further look.

Boru stoves @ BJ Mullen

Carraig Mor

The Carraig Mor Series of Stoves can output from 12 to 23kW of heat.  They are available in double sided and single sided, with boiler and non boiler models available.  Depending on the model selected, these stoves can heat form 7 to 18 radiators as well as providing heat to the room.

carraig mor


The Fiachra model is available as an inset stove or a freestanding stove.  With a heat output of 6-7kW, they are a popular model in both modern and traditional settings.

boru fiachra

Boru 4kW

The Boru 4 kW is the starter stove from Boru. It has a contemporary look that is not overwhelming. The Boru 4 kW  will suit most settings and styles.  As with all with Boru Stoves the 4kW is a multifuel stove and with its large glass it shows an unobstructed view of your fire.

Boru 4kW

Croi Beag

The Croi Beag stove yields a 4.8kW output of heat to your room. The tapered fireback ensures the upmost of ease when fitting and its C02 burn technology ensures a cleaner burn. As with all Boru Stoves The Croi Beag Insert Stoves come standard with an airwash system for cleaner glass and will suit a standard 16” or 18” opening.

Croi Beag Stoves

Carraig Beag

The Carraig Beag Series of freestanding stoves are one of the biggest little stoves on the market. With its massive 8kw output it really energises the coldest of rooms. It’s big enough to heat a large room but small enough to sit on a standard hearth. As with all Boru stoves it is fitted with an Airwash system for cleaner glass and c02 burn technology for a cleaner burn.

Carraig Beag @ BJ Mullen