Blacksmith Stoves traditional design fits well with both old and contemporary style homes within both rural and townhouse settings. All stoves are CE approved and come with a renowned Blacksmith Stoves 5 year guarantee.

Blacksmith Stoves burn at up to 80% efficiency. This results in less than 20% of your heat escaping, thereby reducing both your fuel costs and harmful carbon emissions. The perfect solution to replacing that inefficient open fire, with a modern, sleek cast iron stove insert, with the option of a back boiler to heat the radiators throughout your home.  Back to Stoves.

Artisan Boiler Stoves

The Artisan

The Artisan insert stove is the cosy solution when you want to retain the look of your fireplace but crave the efficiency of a stove. With the beautiful cast iron Artisan insert you retain all the benefits of an open fire with the advantages of reduced fuel usage and less draughts.

There are boiler and non boiler models of the Artisan available outputting between 5 to 12 kW of heat depending on the model selected.  They are available in a Matt or an Enamel finish.

Anvil Stove

The Anvil

The Anvil is the smallest Blacksmith multi fuel stove yet has an impressive radiant heat output of 6kW for its compact size. Beautifully made in cast iron, the Anvil is available in matt black and enamel finishes. It comes in non boiler and boiler format, allowing it to heat a domestic hot water cylinder and in some cases will also run 1-2 small radiators.

Bellows Stoves

The Bellows

The medium size Bellows stove combines the latest technology with inviting good looks. Skillfully made in cast iron, it comes in striking matt black or enamel finishes. With a heat output of 8-11kW, the Bellows can be enjoyed as a stand alone heat source or it can heat a water cylinder and five to six radiators comfortably. Through the large glass door enjoy the sight of rich flames, the strength of which can be manually controlled.

Forge Stoves

The Forge

The Forge has strength and power hidden behind its sleek and stylish appearance. Available in matt black or enamel finish it outputs between 16 and 20 kW depending on the model selected.  It can heat up to twelve radiators, supply ample hot water and run a domestic home heating system while generously emitting heat to your room. The water temperature is controlled by a mechanical thermostat.

Farrier Stoves

The Farrier

The Farrier is a statement stove. The double door design allows it to service the largest of homes and yet its simplicity of use makes it an attractive option. The generous opening on this multi fuel stove allows for large logs and the thermostatic control ensures fuel efficiency, burning only what is needed for the level of heat required. With an output of up to 23kW, the Farrier can be a single source of home heating or an integral part of your water and radiator heating system.  Boiler and Non Boiler models available in a matt or enamel finish.