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How to nail the neutral trend with tiles

Neutrals go with anything, that’s what makes them such a practical and safe choice in interiors. Adding colour to a space can be daunting, but it can be just as confusing teaming together neutral tones and textures. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen or hallway, you can still create a stunning look without committing to bold colours, here’s a few of our tips on creating winning neutral spaces.


You can’t go wrong with a simple white bathroom suite and classic fixtures and fittings. There is no shame opting for practicality, and in this sense, tiles are a bathroom’s best friend. If functionality comes first then go for large format porcelain tiles, as minimal grout lines make for less cleaning and maintenance. Here’s a few of our favourites:

OS-Westdene-Soberton-61.jpgNeutral leads to natural. Try a marble texture for a subtle twist
Original Style_Tileworks_Amelia White CS1061-9015, CS1061-9022, CS1061-9045_landscape.jpgMake it seamless with these Large Format Tiles
Original Style_Tileworks_Form_Couche CS1059-9030_landscape.jpgBring in texture and dimension

A neutral scheme is a great backdrop to any other colour, providing a base for decorating and bringing in future trends.

Living Areas

You might not naturally look to use tiles outside kitchens and bathrooms, but opting for neutral floor tiles is a great way to add warmth to a white interior. Take wood effect floor tiles for example, brilliant for bringing in that scandi-vibe, choose from cool ashy tones to warmer hues.


Neutrals don’t have to be browns and creams though, we love the effect these dark floor wood effect tiles create when teamed with deep earthy tones for a warm and cosy living area.

Original Style_Tileworks_Eco CS1055-12020_landscape_2.jpgTileworks Eco 



Original Style_Earthworks_Travertine New Umbrian Gold EW-UGF61x30-A.jpgEarthworks Travertine New Umbrian Gold 


Kitchens, like bathrooms, above all need to be functional so, if you’re lusting after an all-white kitchen, we don’t blame you. Timeless, fresh and clean, white kitchens are a popular choice. A  few ideas for you:

The Winchester Tile Company - Artisan - Helmingham Half Tile.jpgWinchester Helmingham Half Tile 
Original Style_Artworks_Daisy Satin CDA9002_2.jpgArtworks Daisy Satin 
Original Style_Earthworks_EW-GREYABSET Greyfriars Abbey portrait less highlight Grey.jpgPorcelain half tiles from The Winchester Company

Kitchen walls quickly get dirty without easy to clean tiling. Choosing white half, brick or bevelled metro tiles is another safe yet on trend choice. Make sure to seal the grout if it is white or it might not stay that way for long! Or try using a coloured or grey grout to avoid the problem all together.

The full range of Original Style tiles is available @ BJ Mullen.  Call in and speak to one of our staff.


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